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Welling Evangelical Free Church

Upper Wickham Ln
Welling  DA16 3AQ

Pastor Tarl Reeves
07947 751911


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Learn about our GDPR Privacy Notice. You may also download our GDPR form to fill out that will allow us to keep in better touch with you. Please return the form to a church leader.


Learn about where our church stands in regards to safeguarding and how you can help us make safety a priority at Welling Church. You can also submit a request for a DBS application.

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Learn about how you can serve and what areas of ministry you can serve in through perusing “Ministry Goals & Expectations.” You can download a ministry application form to fill out and turn in to one of the church leaders to begin the process of serving at Welling Church.

Student Registration

If you have a child at Welling Church that is 0-16 years old, please register them so we can best serve your family in our various kids ministries.