The Beginnings of Welling Evangelical Free Church

In 1899, the church building was constructed by a group of Primitive Methodists. By the 1920’s and 30’s, the village of Welling experienced rapid growth.

 In the summer of 1933, Rev. W.H.P. Goodchild (pastor of Slade Evangelical Church, 1932-1938) recognised the spiritual needs of Welling and received information that the church building was coming onto the market.

Through the work of many faithful volunteers, the church was renovated and redecorated. Electric light and central heating were also installed at this time!!

A rededication service was held on Thursday, November 22nd, 1934. The Church was packed full with local Welling residents, whose praises caused the place to ring again with “To God be the glory, great things He hath done.”

Pastor Herbert J. Ludbrook was introduced as the first pastor of Welling Evangelical Free Church and led the church for many years. From this strong beginning, God has continued to faithfully carry the church through many seasons of change and transition.

As Welling developed and changed with the course of time, Welling Evangelical Free Church has sought to bring hope and peace to the community through various activities including youth clubs and community events.

The Beginnings of Church Revitalisation

The 2010’s became a significant time in the life of Welling Evangelical Free Church. During this time, the church building was vacated enabling significant renovations and repairs to be undertaken and the church met in the back hall.

In the next fews years, the church refocused itself upon God’s Word and became led by God towards a stronger, more impactful future.

On Sunday, February 25th, 2018, Welling Evangelical Free Church invited Tarl Reeves and Justin Rhoades into pastoral leadership and church membership. Joshua Bell joined the pastoral team in May 2019.

Welling Evangelical Free Church continues in its history of seeking to be a blessing to the community as it proclaims the hope and peace that comes from knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.